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Propionic acid derivatives


Endpoint definition

Endpoint definition steps


Phenotype data


1. Apply sex-specific rule



2. Check conditions



3. Check pre-conditions, main-only, mode, registry filters

Registry filters:

  • Medicine purchases: ATC M01AE

1 out of 7 registries used, show all original rules.


4. Check minimum number of events

Min. number of events 3

5. Include endpoints



6. Filter based on genotype QC (FinnGen only)


Control definitions (FinnGen only)

Control exclude

Extra metadata

First used in FinnGen datafreeze

Case counts by codes

FinnGen case counts by registry codes:

generic upset plot

Upset plot

Full data table

Summary Statistics


This endpoint is excluded from FinRegistry analyses (omitted endpoint).


Key figures

All Female Male
Number of individuals 286737 175778 110959
Unadjusted period prevalence (%) 63.89 69.04 55.73
Median age at first event (years) 39.57 37.30 43.16


Age distribution of first events


Year distribution of first events


Cumulative Incidence Function

Not a core endpoint, no data to show.

CodeWAS (R11)

CodeWAS is a tool for exploring the associations between an endpoint and all of the medical codes and drug codes.

This is a new tool, please reach out using the contact form for feedback and improvement ideas.

First, a cohort is built by matching controls to the endpoint cases using year of birth and sex. Then, a Fisher test is done for all the medical codes and drug codes between the cases and controls of this cohort. Codes are reported in the table below if they have −log10(p-value) ≥ 6.

No data available

Mortality – FinRegistry

This endpoint is excluded from FinRegistry analyses (omitted endpoint).

Relationships between endpoints

Index endpoint: RX_PROPIONIX – Propionic acid derivatives

GWS hits: -

This endpoint is excluded from FinRegistry analyses (omitted endpoint).