Source Code Name Case count Share of cases (%)
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8260)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Papillary adenocarcinoma, NOS 1938
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8330)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Follicular adenocarcinoma, NOS (C73.9) 213
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8341)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Papillary microcarcinoma (C73.9) 121
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8340)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Papillary carcinoma, follicular variant 101
DEATH DEATH_ICD10(C73) Malignant neoplasm of thyroid gland 92
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8290)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Oxyphilic adenocarcinoma 33
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8345)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Medullary carcinoma with amyloid stroma (C73.9) 32
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8510)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Medullary carcinoma, NOS 31
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8000)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Neoplasm, malignant 26
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8020)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Carcinoma, undifferentiated, NOS 21
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8010)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Carcinoma, NOS 18
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8335)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Follicular carcinoma, minimally invasive (C73.9) 10
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(9680)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Malignant lymphoma, large B-cell, diffuse, NOS 7
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8021)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Carcinoma, anaplastic, NOS 6
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(8344)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Papillary carcinoma, columnar cell (C73.9) 6
CANC CANC_TOPO(C739)_MORPHO(9591)_BEH(3) Thyroid gland, Malignant lymphoma, non-Hodgkin, NOS 5